At ICW Debt Recoveries, we believe that we can provide the best debt recovery solutions for your business.  As a skilled debt recovery agency, our experts work on a fixed fee or a ‘no collection, no fee’ basis.  We provide a service entirely tailored to your business and designed to solve your problem and recoup your money quickly and effectively.

From tracing and initial contact through to final resolution, ICW Debt Recoveries is a complete service Debt Collection Agency UK with services tailored to your needs.  We always actively pursue a pre-litigation route for every case.  We often find that while our clients may have tried everything to get through to their debtor, using our pre-litigation service it can take just one professional letter from us to settle the matter; but we are just as ready to deliver a legal challenge as we understand that court proceedings are sometimes a necessity.

Once we have provided our clients with all of the necessary information that they require to make an informed decision, we take our instructions from them.  After all, if you take on our debt recovery agency services, you are putting your company’s reputation, and finances in our hands and we take that responsibility very seriously.  When a client instructs us to act on their behalf, we work quickly – usually starting the case within one hour of receiving the go ahead from our client.  Why do we work so quickly?  Well, we understand that if you are at the stage of involving a debt collection agency Glasgow, you are ready to get your money and tired of waiting!

If you are fed up with waiting for your debtors, get in touch with ICW Debt Recoveries today.


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ICW Debt Recoveries works with businesses of all sizes, in all areas of the UK and across all industries.  From sole traders to national corporations, it does not matter to us how big your company is, or how much money you are owed, our debt collection agency in Glasgow will give you the focus and attention that you deserve.

We offer a professional, ethical approach that fully abides by the CSA Code of Practice.  Our comprehensive service can help you to recover your debts before taking a client to court, saving everyone time, money and embarrassment.  If your client has vanished or is not returning your calls, we offer tracing services, business and director reports, and can operate as your international debt collection agency in Glasgow.

Our knowledgeable debt recovery agency specialists have a high recovery rate, and combined with our low commission – can you really afford not to use us?

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There are plenty of Debt Collection Agencies in the UK, so why should you choose ICW Debt Recoveries to be your Debt Recovery Agency?  Firstly, because we treat every client like an individual, trusting their knowledge of the situation and experience in their industry to help inform us on the best course of action for their dispute resolution.  Secondly, because we have the experience and reputation to ensure that your brand and name is protected.  You are asking us to act on your behalf, to effectively go out to your customer as your representative and we will act accordingly.  Don’t trust your name to just any Debt Collection Agency Glasgow.  Choose a company whose reputation for fairness and professionalism speaks for itself.

Finally, because we have the experience you need to recover your debts quickly and completely.  Did you know that thanks to the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Interest Act 1998, your debtors must pay interest on the amount that they owe and reimburse reasonable recovery costs to you?  That means, whatever it costs for you to recover the money, including the cost of our pre litigation service, becomes their expense too.

We have found that when a debtor becomes aware of this extra cost, and of how it will grow if the case is taken to litigation stage, they can become very keen to settle the debt as soon as possible within our pre litigation service.  However, before advising on the most effective means of debt recovery, we do our due diligence to check how your debtor will be able to settle the debt.  We know that dispute resolution is only part of Debt Collection Companies’ service – enforcement needs to be considered as well.  We work for you until the money is repaid.

So, for a fresh approach to Debt Collection, contact your Debt Recovery Agency in Glasgow today – ICW Debt Recoveries.


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