At ICW Debt Recoveries, our goal is always to resolve the issues between our client and their debtor before resorting to court.  Our pre litigation services aims to reduce the need for time-consuming and expensive court proceedings.  We work hard to reach a resolution and secure a time-frame which is acceptable to all parties involved using clear and regular communication both by phone and in writing.


The team at ICW Debt Recoveries is committed to actively pursuing a pre litigation route for every case.  We often find that while our clients may have tried everything to get through to their debtor, using our pre litigation services it can take just one professional letter from us to settle the matter.  If the debtor proves difficult to locate by mail or phone, we also provide a tracing service to help locate them and to complete the recovery process.

During our pre litigation service, we follow up our initial legal letter with regular, polite calls to the debtor to find out the status of their side of the claim.  This allows us to update our clients on the status of their case daily if necessary.  We will do everything in our power to avoid your case escalating to court proceedings.

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pre litigation servicesICW Debt Recoveries pre litigation services

Save Money

Why choose pre litigation services? Firstly, and perhaps most importantly when you are already out of pocket, the cost of litigation is much higher than the cost of a pre-court resolution.

Save the Relationship

Secondly, by heading straight for litigation, any remaining relationship you have with that customer will undoubtedly be ended. That business will be lost forever.  However, using pre litigation when there is already a solid relationship, we do our best to help you maintain it.

Save the Stress

If we can resolve the issue before it goes to court, with the help of our polite, professional staff and our pre litigation services, we can help to make sure that the customer is happy at the end of the process, and no one feels victimised.

Thanks to the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Interest Act 1998, your debtors must pay interest on the amount that they owe and reimburse reasonable recovery costs to you.  That means, whatever it costs for you to recover the money, including the cost of our pre litigation services, becomes their expense too.  This means that if one of your customers does not pay for goods or services within 60 days (30 days for public authorities) you can exercise your right to request interest and a fee on top of the debt.  The rate of this interest is the Bank of England base rate plus 8% per annum.

We have found that when a debtor becomes aware of this extra cost, and of how it will grow if the case is taken to litigation stage, they can become very keen to settle the debt as soon as possible within our pre litigation service.  If you would like to find out more about your rights to compensation and our pre litigation service, get in touch with ICW Debt Recoveries today.

If a dispute cannot be settled in the pre litigation stages, our Litigation Team takes over.  Their extensive and diverse experience combined with a pro-active and professional approach to dispute resolution ensures a swift close to the matter.  We understand that litigation is usually a very unwelcome end to a lengthy dispute, so we work diligently to ensure that it affects your business and daily life as little as possible.  Get in touch with ICW Debt Recoveries today to find out more.


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