Businesses across the UK struggle with unpaid invoices on a daily basis.  For smaller companies this can result in cash flow problems which can be fatal for independent businesses if left too long.  So don’t wait for a late payment to become a bad debt, contact ICW Debt Recoveries for professional Commercial Debt Recovery solutions.

If you have tried researching how to tackle commercial debt recovery yourself, you may have been overwhelmed by the advice and information available to you. Speak to the experts at ICW Debt Recoveries for honest, straight-to-the-point advice.

At ICW Debt Recoveries we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and then advising based on what we understand the problem to be, not selling an ‘out-of-the-box’ package.

We make sure you understand the service you are undertaking, and the pricing structure we work with.  We want you to be comfortable with our service.

We also understand that the goal of all debt recovery is to wrap everything up quickly and without having to take legal action, so that is our goal as much as it is yours.


We have helped organisations of all sizes across a variety of industries to recover the money owed to them.  Unpaid debts can restrict the growth of your business, and it’s a common problem that is faced by plenty of businesses.  Late payments can be caused by a number of factors – perhaps your customer is in financial difficulty, or their internal administration is poor.  Maybe they are using your credit to fund their business, or perhaps they are even suffering from bad debtors of their own.  Whatever the reason, commercial debt recovery can be a stressful, challenging situation for you and your debtor.

By handing your commercial debt recovery to ICW Debt Recoveries, you are choosing a simple, professional solution to the problem that will ensure that you and your customer reach the best resolution possible, no matter where you are starting from.  We understand that our clients can feel guilt and even fear about the pressures of the debt recovery process, but by leaving the contact to the professionals and trusting in our extensive knowledge, you will get the results your business needs.

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Commercial Debt RecoveryCommercial Debt Recovery


In 1998, the UK government recognised the burden that late payments and debts was placing on small businesses an in turn the economy.  The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 was introduced enabling businesses to charge other business customers interest on overdue accounts and to obtain compensation. In other words, it enables you to claim reasonable costs for commercial debt recovery.  That means it could cost you nothing to recover your money from your bad debtors as they could pay up to 100% of our costs, on top of the full debt they owe you!

At ICW Debt Recoveries, we believe that your business should not pay for another company’s administrative errors or finance problems.  Whether you are a sole trader, small business or limited company debt recovery can take up more of your valuable time than you have to spare.  We understand this, and we know that each commercial debt recovery claim is different, which is why we tailor our full service to each client.  It does not matter whether the debt relates to goods supplied, work done, services rendered, hire charges or anything else, we can take away the stress and time involved in recovering your funds.  We can even offer a tracing service to enable debt collection when debtors have absconded.

If you are ready to find out more about our Commercial Debt Recovery service, get in touch.


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